Show Me Turkiye Project

As an adventurous young team, we aim to bring people from all over the world here in Turkiye by showing them the natural and historical wonders of Turkiye.

For this purpose, we created the ‘Show Me Turkiye’ project. Our mission is to give people the information that they need before they travel to Turkiye. We offer you to make connections between travelers and local photographers if you want to make your journey memorable. As travelers, we know how to plan each detail before the travel. So, we want to make a connection between you and tour guides, tours, local photographers, and extreme sports points.

Via our website, you can easily find information about; where you can camp or stay, where to eat delicious traditional foods, which extreme sport you can find around, where to find historical places and natural beauties custom plans for each city. This platform is here to meet all your needs from booking hotels, activities to making travel plans. That’s why we are excited to offer you the best experience you can have in Turkiye! We hope you enjoy your time in Turkiye. Do not forget to follow us on our social media. Have a nice journey…