Did you know that there is 229 blue flag beaches in Antalya?


Where to go in Antalya?

Duden Waterfall
(Upper Duden Waterfalls):

There are 2 Duden Waterfalls in Antalya because the river goes from the ground and underground. The two rivers converge, and it disappears into the Bıyıklı Sinkhole. The water lost in the Biyikli Sinkhole flows under the ground for 14 kilometers, then emerges from one end of the Varsak depression, and then sinks again from the other end of the depression. The water lost in Varsak comes to the surface in Dudenbasi after two kilometers of underground flow. Duden Waterfall is in a small natural park and It has a cave behind the waterfall.

(Upper Duden Waterfalls):

You can see the waterfall from the seaside with a boat or you can go to the observation deck of the cliff. You can take a walk at night because of its lights.

Perge Ancient City

Perge Ancient City is a very wealthy place in terms of history. There is atheatre, Roman stadium, Roman baths, and long columned streets with Hellenistic touches in the city, which have been preserved until today. It is thought that the acropolis in the city was founded during the Bronze Age. The Archaeological Site of Perge was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2009.


Sandland is the most enjoyable open-air museum to visit in Antalya. Sandland, a tourist destination, is a museum with sand sculptures of world-famous works and mythological creatures. The magnificent works created by professional sand sculpture artists from many countries of the world, using 10 thousand tons of river sand in an area of 7 thousand square meters, can be visited every day. The museum is closed at 11.00 pm. We recommend going at night for a better atmosphere with night lights.

Karain Cave

Karain Cave is one of the largest natural caves in Turkiye. The most beautiful examples of Paleolithic artifacts are the Karain Cave finds. Here, cultural layers belonging to all phases of the Paleolithic Age were unearthed in the filling material, which is approximately 10.5 meters thick.

Damlatas Cave

Damlatas Cave was named Damlatas because of the water drops that continue to drip from the stalactites. In addition to its fascinating beauty, the cave is also famous for its air which is good for asthma patients. Some patients sit in the cave for a certain period under the control of a doctor and apply for a 21-day treatment course. Also, Damlatas Cave is Turkiye's first cave opened to tourism.

St. Nicholas Church

Santa Claus Church It is the church in Demre, built to commemorate the death of St. Nicholas, believed to be Santa Claus. It is believed that Santa Claus lay here for a while after his death, and then his bones were taken to Bari by Italian sailors.

Lycia Way

The Lycia Way is a walking route created by marking and mapping some of the paths on the Teke peninsula, which were called Lycia in history, starting from Fethiye and extending to Antalya. The Lycia Way is a long-distance trail in a part of the ancient Lycian coast in southwestern Turkiye.

The Lycian Way is a marked walking route of 540 km, which takes an average of 29 days of walking. The route mainly consists of Roman roads, ancient trails, and mule tracks; often rocky and stony and not suitable for mountain biking. Between the coast and the mountains, the route often has steep elevations.

Kursunlu Waterfall Nature Park

Kursunlu Waterfall Nature Park is like part of heaven with its wonderful view. The main waterfall is descended from a height of 18 meters. 7 ponds formed with smaller waterfalls formed the Kursunlu Waterfall Nature Park. Small lakes have a depth of about 6 meters. Entry fee needed.

Patara Ancient City

Patara was an ancient and flourishing maritime and commercial city, the capital of Lycia. Patara is a unique place, not with its history but with its beach and dunes. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism chose Patara Ancient City as the theme of the 2020 year to give attention to that point. Patara's photo was on the museum card in 2020.

Did you know that Patara Beach is the second-longest beach in Turkiye? (12 km) With its beautiful white sand and cute tiny owners, Patara is waiting for you. You have to see Sand Dunes in the middle of the beach. You can also ride a horse for approximately 2.5 hours if you want to. You can take beautiful pictures like you are in the desert even if you are not!

Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon is 360 meters long. The canyon was formed hundreds of years by the shaping of the rocks by water, wind, and ground movements. There are natural pools and two ponds next to the walking track, the recreation facility. The water temperature will be between 0 degrees and 12 degrees in summer. Do not forget your swimsuit! Entry fee needed.

Kaputas Beach

Kaputas, one of Antalya's most popular beaches with a blue flag, is the closest sandy beach to Kas, one of the favorite holiday destinations of local and foreign tourists during summer vacation. The crowded beach is reached by descending 187 steps from the highway.

Access to the beach is free, but there is a fee to rent sunbeds and umbrellas. The sea is deep blue, slightly wavy, and deepens immediately.

What to eat in Antalya ?

Taratorlu Piyaz (haricot bean salad with nut and garlic sauce)

One of the rich tastes of the Mediterranean Region, Piyaz with tarator, is the most famous dish of Antalya. In addition to the beans and onions in the classic piyaPiyazz, you should try the tarator pide, where boiled eggs and tahini add color and flavor.

Kabak Dessert (pumpkin with syrup and walnuts)

Pumpkin dessert is Antalya's famous dessert, adding flavor to its taste with tahini.

Near Places to visit in Antalya


The distance between Antalya and Isparta is 131 kilometers. It takes 1 hour 45 minutes by car.

Activities and sports in Antalya Province


Koprulu Canyon Nature park is a place for rafting. Koprulu Canyon is a valley suitable for rafting starting in Isparta and pouring into the sea in Antalya. There are two historical bridges at the beginning of the rafting area. The small bridge was built by the master. The master's journeyman made the great bridge.

Beach Horse Riding

Do not miss the chance of 2 Hours of Horseback Riding pleasure in the woods, countryside, or on the beach in the Side when you come to Antalya.

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