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Where to go in Canakkale?

Canakkale Martyrs' Memorial

Canakkale Martyrs' Memorial is the memorial that has the name of every soldier who died in the independent war. On March 18, there is a memorial program for those soldiers.

The 41.70-meter-high monument, erected on Aug. 21, 1960, is in the form of four square columns 7.5-meter wide with 10-meter space between each other and topped by a concrete slab of 25 by 25 meters.

An inscription with verses from the Turkish national anthem by Mehmet Akif Ersoy reminds the visitors in the memorial: Do not ignore the ground on which you have walked, It is not ordinary soil. Reflect on the thousands of people, who lie beneath Without a shroud. You are the son of a martyr – Do not hurt your ancestor, Do not give away this beautiful motherland, Even if you have the whole world.

The War Museum: Do not forget to visit the war museum if you visit Canakkale Martyrs' Memorial. Inside the museum, beneath the memorial, further information and historical artifacts illustrate the magnitude of the Battle of Gallipoli, against the Allied powers: British, French, and Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC). Original personal and military items, such as cutlery, a set of false teeth, dress buttons, belt buckles, sniper shields, and photographs found on the battlefield, are on display in the museum.

Kilitbahir Castle

Fatih Sultan Mehmet had two castles built in the narrowest part of the Dardanelles to protect the strait from enemy attack. All ships entering and leaving the Bosphorus were stopped and checked when they arrived on this line. The castle is positioned in the narrowest part of the Bosphorus to have effective and accurate cannon shots. Since it is in parallel with Cimenlik Castle in Canakkale, mutual cannon fires intersect and it has become extremely difficult to pass through the Bosphorus since there is no dead area where a ship can pass and guns cannot reach. You should visit it to see the strait, which is almost impossible to pass, and the mutual castles.

Canakkale Clock Tower

You can find the clock tower in most cities. Clock towers are in the city center. Of course, Canakkale Clock Tower is in the city center too. The Canakkale clock tower was built in 1896. The tower is 20 meters high and has five floors.

Troy Horse

Everybody knows the Troy movie which was about a story in greek mythology. In the movie, Two emerging nations begin to clash after Paris, the Trojan prince, convinces Helen, Queen of Sparta, to leave her husband, Menelaus, and sail with him back to Troy. The war lasts for 10 years and the soldiers are very tired now. They offer the Trojan horse as a gift and hold the white flag to end the war, but they almost placed an army inside the huge horse and conquered the castle from the inside. The original Troy Horse in the movie is located in Canakkale Province. After using it in the movie TROY, the 12.4-meter-long Trojan Horse brought from Japan in 2004 was put on display in Canakkale.

Aynalı Carsi

Aynali Carsı is a covered market located in Canakkale. It was built in 1890 by Eliyau Hallio, one of the notables of the city's Jewish community. You can find anything you want in this bazaar, which takes place in folk songs.

Maritime Museum

Historical sailing ships, cannons, and other heavy weapons are exhibited in the museum. It has open and closed areas inside the park.

Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park

Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park is a historical place. You can find tours to guide you better because of the historical importance.


Canakkale has many islands you may find more information on our site about 'Island In Canakkale' Here is the list of Islands of Canakkale:

  • Bozcaada, Gokceada and Tavsan Island

What to eat in Canakkale?

Travelers love to try traditional foods. You have to taste every food in every country. We have some advice that you have to try in Canakkale Province:

Cheese halva

It has unsalted cheese in it. Also, it has a special technic to do it.

Salted Sardines

It takes a long time to do it, maybe a month or more. This dessert, which takes great effort to make, is a flavor you can find almost anywhere in the city.


Cirpma, with its appearance resembling a spinach pastry, is obtained by adding spinach and onion to the dough prepared with only flour and water and baking the resulting mixture. Do not forget to taste in if you visit Canakkale.

Near Places to visit in Çanakkale


Canakkale is 3 hours away from Balikesir.It has a special beauty even on road you can see many places that you may want to capture!


It takes hours to go to Bulgaria from Canakkale by car. Kapikule Border Gate is in Edirne, so you can also visit Bulgaria if you are planning to visit the western part of Turkiye.

Activities and sports in Canakkale

Ayazma Waterfall

Located within the borders of Bayramiç, the beautiful village of Canakkale, Ayazma Waterfall and the camping area stand out as one of the new haunts for adrenaline sports enthusiasts. In the Ayazma Waterfall region, located at the foot of the Kaz Mountains, you can make exciting jumps into the ice-cold water and swim in the cold water. You can also do a few overnight camping activities in the region to enjoy the green tones of the Kaz Mountains.


Kaz mountains has a beautiful view from the top. You can reach an altitude of 2500 meters in Yenice, Kaz Mountains.

Boat Tour

You can find a boat tour to go to the island. Some of the tours have lunch included. Better to go on tours to the island!


There are many diving points within the borders of Canakkale province. Assos and Bozcaada are surfaced with high underwater visibility and are full of natural beauties. You can find tours to dive into with people! You can see the ship under the water from the war times.

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