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Where to go in Erzurum Province?

Erzurum Grand Mosque

Erzurum Grand Mosque is the oldest and biggest mosque in Erzurum. Historical monuments in Erzurum are worthy in terms of architecture. It contains structures of different periods. In addition, the first Turkish principality established in Anatolia after the Battle of Manzikert was the Saltuklu Principality, which was founded in Erzurum and made Erzurum the capital city. Erzurum still preserves its historical texture, so it is worth seeing.

The Double Minaret Madrasah

The Double Minaret Madrasah is the largest in Anatolia. Built-in the second half of the 13th century (Seljuk), it was initially used as a theological school. After years, it became a ruin and was repaired by 4. Murad and used as an armory. After 1942, it was used as a museu. Now, It still is a museum and exhibition hall.

The Three Tombs

The Three Tombs is about 300 meters south of The Double Minaret Madrasah. Three Tombs is a mausoleum, is not actual tomb. It is thought that the largest of the three tombs belonged to Emir Saltuk and was builted at the end of the 12th century. While it is not known who the other cupolas belong to, it is estimated that they were built in the 14th century. In the motifs on it; There are animal reliefs such as;





These reliefs resemble zodiac signs in the Central Asian Turkish calendars.

Castle of Erzurum

You can find a castle almost in every city because of its geopolitical location in Turkiye. The Castle of Erzurum was built about 2,500 years ago by the Urartians, who dominated the region. The first version of the inner castle, which still exists today, was built by the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius in 415.

Narman Fairy Chimneys

When you think of Fairy Chimneys, the first thing that comes to mind is Cappadocia. But there are fairy chimneys in many cities of Turkey. That is why Narman fairy chimneys is a hidden traeasure in Türkiye with its magical view. Narman Fairy Chimneys also known as the ''Land of the Red Fairies''

Tortum Waterfall

The Tortum Waterfall is the tallest in Turkey. Since the end of the Tortum Dam and Hydroelectric Plant in 1960, water drawn from Tortum Lake through channels allowed to rush down into the turbines. The waterfall is fed only from the surplus water and thus now functions only for a short period during May and June when the water level of the lake is exceptionally high. During the other months, the bed of the waterfall is almost dry.

Erzurum Rainbow Hills

You have to see the stunning views of Rainbow Hills in eastern Türkiye. Rainbow Hills is a hidden treasure that you will not find tours to show you this place. However, you must see this place if you have a drone because the view from the top is stunning!

What to eat in Erzurum?

Travelers love to try traditional foods. You have to taste every food in every country. We have some advice that you have to try in Erzurum provience:

Cag Kebab

Cag Kebab is the most popular traditional food in Erzurum. It is made by resting the meat for 2 days but when you start eating it will finish immediatly.

Asortu Soup

Asotu soup, one of the traditional soups of Erzurum cuisine, is a soup that is usually cooked at home and served to guests. It takes its name from its main ingredient, asortu. This herb is also known as a natural protector against many diseases.

Kadayif Dolmasi

Kadayif dolmasi, a dessert unique to Erzurum, used to be a dessert made at home only during Ramadan. Later, it was taken out of the home kitchen, its syrup and shape were changed and it became a dessert served in restaurants.

Near Places to visit in Erzurum


Erzincan is 2 and a half hours away from Erzurum. Erzincan has another beauty standandarts. Even these 2 cities are so close to each other, They have different landscape.


Kars is almost 2 and a half hours away from Erzurum. As you all know Eastern Express is very famous for travelers! Kars is the last station of that amazing journey.

Activities and sports in Erzurum

Palandoken Ski Resort

The eastern part of Turkiye has many ski resorts because of the highlands. Erzurum Palandoken has so much snow in the region and upright ski-run. You can find tours from the city center to Palandoken. You can also rent materials such as; snowboard, ski, helmet, etc.

Jeep Safari

There are interesting routes for jeep safari in Erzurum, which draws attention with its natural beauties and interesting landforms.


Erzurum, which has a rugged and high mountainous-hilly terrain, is also suitable for paragliding. There are suitable points for paragliding throughout the province, especially around the Palandöken Mountains and Tortum Lake.

Rafting and Cano

Coruh River, which is one of the rivers where rafting can be done best in the world, passes through the İspir district. Coruh, one of the fastest-flowing rivers in the world, hosted the World Rafting Championship in 1993. Advanced courses on the Coruh River; Tortum Stream, located in the Uzundere district, has tracks that can be used by beginners of all ages. The best months for rafting on these rivers are May and June.

While Coruh River and Tortum Stream offer ideal conditions for canoeing, Tortum Lake is preferred for still-water canoeing. On the shore of Lake Tortum, there are piers and ramps for canoeing, rowing, and boating.

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