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Places to Visit In Trabzon

Trabzon Ataturk's Villa

It was built as a summer house by Konstantin Kabayanidis in the early 19th century. European and ostentatious European symbols were used, bearing the influences of European and Western Renaissance architecture. Ataturk gave the villa to the Turkish people.

Museum of Trabzon

It is know that many materials used in the building, whose architects were determined to be Italian, were brought from Italy. It was opened to visitors as Trabzon Museum on April 22, 2001. The basement of the mansion, is arranged as the Archaeological Artifacts Section, the ground floor as the Mansion Display, the first floor as the Ethnographic Artifacts section, and the mezzanine floor as the Administrative Section.

Trabzon Hagia Sophia Museum

Trabzon Hagia Sophia Church, which can be visited as a museum and a mosque today, was built during the reign of Manuel I Komnenos (1238-1263), one of the kings of the Trabzon Empire. The Byzantine structure, which was build as an Orthodox church in 1250, was opened to the worship of Muslims on Friday, 28 June 2013, after 49 years.

Castle of Trabzon

As you all know, Turkiye has so many castles in almost every region, Castle of Trabzon, is one of the well-known castles in the black sea region. The oldest part of the walls is dated to the 4th century BC Roman Period.

Sumela Monastery

Soumela comes from the Greek 'Sou Melá' means ''black mountain''. According to rumors, the monastery, which was founded by two monks, Barnabas and Sophranios, who came from Athens during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Theodosius I (375-395), was repaired by Belisarios, one of his generals, in the 6th century when Emperor Justinian requested that the monastery be repaired and expanded. Many parts of the Sumela Monastery were renovated in the 18th century, and some of its walls were decorated with frescoes.

With the addition of large buildings in the 19th century, the monastery gained a magnificent appearance and lived its richest and brightest period. It has a beautiful atmosphere with a forest.

Altındere Valley National Park: Sumela monastery is the best-known place in the park. However, it remains a narrow and long staircase and consists of water canals, a library, a kitchen, guest rooms, cisterns, and the pool in which holy water was collected. The building clings dramatically to the sheer rock wall, overlooking mountain forests and mountains springs.

St. Anne's Church (Kucuk - Ayvasil)

St. Anne's Church is one of the oldest churches in the city. It was build with Byzantine architecture.

Historical Coppersmiths' Bazaar

You can find everything you need in the bazaar. If you are looking for a traditional gift to give your family or friend, here are the traditional gift:

  • Turkish Delight
  • Turkish Coffee
  • Copper Objects
  • Dowery

Uzungol was formed by the rocks falling from the slopes, blocking the Haldizen Stream. A very beautiful view awaits you with wooden houses in harmony with nature. You can find tours from the city center to Uzungol.

Cal Cave

Cal cave is the second longest cave in the world. A small stream flows through the cave,

and there is a historical castle on it. Do not forget to visit the cave when travel to Trabzon province.

Near Places to visit in Trabzon Province


Trabzon is 1 hour away from Rize. You may find tours from Trabzon to Rize Province.

What to eat in Trabzon?

Anchovy (Hamsi)

When you think about what to eat in Trabzon. The only thing you can hear from the citizens is Hamsi. You can find Anchovy Rice, Anchovy Kaygana, Anchovy Bulgur Rice, Anchovy Bird, Anchovy Pan with Chard, and Hamsiköy Rice Pudding. You can easily find anchovy in every meal.

Activities and sports in Trabzon

If you are looking for activities in Trabzon, the first place to visit is Arsin! Horse riding and Motocross are very popular here! Also, if you like to camp, there is a place to camp! Livera Camping is perfect for a camping experience. It is a safe and high-quality place. If you do not have a tent, do not worry! They have a place for people who do not have a tent! Enjoy your camping experience!


Because of its nature Trabzon is the best place for extreme sports. We search for the best locations for you to do mountaineering. Here are locations:

Uzungol, Demirkapi, Sahinkaya

Jeep Safari

There are lots options for a jeep safari in the city. You can find tours for the best experience. Here are some;

Akçaabat-Düzköy- Kayabaşı Yaylası- Lişer Yaylası- Şolma Turizm Merkezi Maçka- Araklı- Dağbaşı- Aydıntepe- Demirkapı Gölleri-Uzungöl- Çaykara- Of- Trabzon


Trabzon has big mountains, and because of that, you can do paragliding in so many points;

Uzungöl- Karastel Hill - Uzungöl-Karacimah Hill - Akcaabat Karadag Hidirnebi (Yaylakent)


Trekking can be difficult in Trabzon. You have to go to trekking with a local in case of loss. You can find tours in the list:

Macka-Ocaklı-Kulindagi Highland - Figanoy Highland - Liser Higland- Kayabasi Highland - Hacka Highland - Duzkoy -Caykara Uzungol - Karastel Highland - Sekersu Highland - Cakirgol


Canoeing is one of the popular sports in Trabzon. The best options for canoeing are Arakli and Besikduzu.

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