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Hot Air Balloon Riding in Turkiye

Hot air balloon riding is a popular activity in Turkiye and offers visitors a unique and unforgettable way to experience the country's stunning landscapes. Here are some of the top places to go hot air balloon ride in Turkiye:

Cappadocia: Located in central Turkiye, Cappadocia is one of the most popular destinations for hot air balloon rides in Turkiye. The landscape is characterized by unique rock formations, fairy chimneys, and underground cities. Hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia typically take place at sunrise, when the landscape is bathed in soft, golden light. For more, you can read our Nevsehir (Cappadocia) page.


Pamukkale is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in western Turkiye. The area is famous for its natural hot springs and white terraces of travertine rock. Hot air balloon rides over Pamukkale offer stunning views of the terraces and the surrounding countryside.

Lake Tuz

Lake Tuz is the second-largest lake in Turkiye and is located in the central Anatolian region. Hot air balloon rides over Lake Tuz offer stunning views of the lake and the surrounding salt flats.

Hot air balloon riding in Turkiye is a popular activity, and many companies offer rides in each of these destinations. Prices vary depending on the location, time of year, and length of the ride, but generally range from $100 to $300 per person.