5 Reasons To Visit Turkiye

May 27, 2023

1- Natural Beauties

Turkiye is the best place for a holiday. Because of its position, is surrounded by sea on three sides and is located in Asia and Europe at the same time. And because of its high mountains, rivers, lakes, caves, canyons, and valleys, there is nothing quite like Turkiye. The nature of this country makes you feel like you are in heaven and after you feel like that, you will want more and more. So, let’s explore...

Sahara Karagol 6

Lake Salda 1


As you all know Turkish cuisine is the most popular and rich cuisine in the world. From kebab to iskender, from baklava to kunefe, from ayran to çay.. You can try different tastes in different cities. You may have to find UNESCO-certified foods in Turkiye. Also, you can find different kinds of spices. Do not forget to taste local foods in every city!!

Gastronomy 2

Gastronomy kahvaltı

Gastronomy baklava


Not every country has every sport in every season but Turkiye has! If you want to do snowboarding, you have lots of options to go and one of them is the second biggest ski-run in Europe. Besides, if you want to do sailing all you need to do is to find the best places for you to do it. Also, you can go horse-riding, safari, canoe, paragliding and so on!

Snowboard 1

Cano 2

Paragliding 2


Turkiye has a long history but this land has more than that. Mesopotamia is the most important point to learn about the past. Gobeklitepe, Efes, the very first church of history... When you come to Turkiye, you will learn more... More than you imagine.

Efes 1

Efes 2

5-Culture and Art

Turkiye has a long history and still bounded with its culture. That is why you can learn its culture exactly in the place. If you want to learn the culture you have to live the culture. Besides culture, art was very important in this land for a long time. You will not hesitate to learn it.

Culture and art blog 1


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