Exploring Artvin: Unveiling the Best Things to Do and Places to Visit

June 4, 2023

What's in Artvin?

Artvin, Turkiye, is a hidden gem that entices travelers with its diverse touristic attractions, natural wonders, and rich cultural heritage. If you're planning a trip to Artvin and seeking the top-rated attractions, here are some must-visit places and activities that will make your journey unforgettable:

Kackar Mountains:

If you are a hiking lover, Kackar Mountains should be on your travel list with its breathtaking beauty, green valleys, and pristine lakes. Hiking enthusiasts can explore the stunning trails, enjoy the beauty of wildflowers and ice. As one of the most beautiful trekking routes in the world, Kackar Mountains are calling you for an epic trekking adventure!

Kackar 13

Karagol-Sahara National Park:

Experience the tranquility of Karagol-Sahara National Park, where picturesque landscapes, lush forests, and crystal-clear lakes await. Take a leisurely stroll, enjoy a picnic by the Karagöl Lake, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

Sahara Karagol 16

Hatila Valley National Park:

Hatila Valley is a breathtaking natural wonder nestled in the heart of Artvin, Turkey. Renowned for its stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystem, this valley is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and travelers seeking tranquility. With its lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, and meandering rivers, Hatila Valley offers a picturesque setting that captivates the senses. Whether you're embarking on a leisurely hike, capturing mesmerizing photographs of vibrant colors, or simply enjoying nature and bird sounds, Artvin’s nature parks will provide you with the best experience.

Artvin Hatila Valley

Artvin Hatila Valley 2

Borcka Karagol Nature Park:

Visit Borcka Karagöl Nature Park, known for its mesmerizing alpine landscapes and the scenic Karagöl Lake. Take a boat ride, hike along the walking trails, and breathe in the fresh mountain air. There are also seating areas and cafeterias for the ones who want to enjoy the atmosphere and the stunning scenery.

Borcka Karagol 5

Savsat Highlands:

Explore the charming Savsat highlands, dotted with traditional villages and stunning vistas. If you are interested in urban life, do not forget to stay in one of the Savsat highlands for a few days. You will feel yourself in the middle of untouched while experiencing panoramic views of the surrounding valleys.

tbeti monastery savsat

Rafting in the Coruh River:

Thrill-seekers can embark on a rafting adventure in the Çoruh River. Navigate through the exhilarating rapids and gorges, surrounded by the region's breathtaking natural beauty.

Rafting artvin

Hopa and the Black Sea Coast:

Discover the coastal town of Hopa and soak up the laid-back atmosphere while enjoying stunning views of the Black Sea. Hopa offers visitors both natural and traditional experience at the same time. Camburnu Nature Reserve is one a must-visit park in this green all year region. The main characteristic of the park is the scotch pine, which normally grows only at an altitude of between 1300 – 2700m, but here is near sea level. The area is also the first point at which migrating birds arrive when coming from the north over the Black Sea. Hopa Harbor, a place where mountains meet the coast, is a place that offers extraordinary sceneries. A walk in this great harbor, which is the stopping point of gigantic ships, makes you feel like you are in a movie. You can also visit Kopmus Beach and old traditional houses of Hopa.

Local Culture and Cuisine:

Immerse yourself in Artvin's rich culture by exploring traditional villages in Savsat and Ardanuc. Engage with friendly locals, witness traditional crafts, and savor the region's authentic foods, including mihlama (cheese fondue), hamsi pilav (anchovy pilaf), and various honey-based treats.

Artvin yemek 2

Artvin yemek

Artvin, with its diverse range of touristic attractions, promises an extraordinary travel experience. From exploring majestic mountains to enjoying outdoor activities, Artvin offers something for every traveler. Whether you are planning to capture the fascinating landscapes as a nature photographer, experience hiking, rafting and other nature sports as an adventurer, or stay in rural villages and get in touch with locals from a different culture as a peace-seekers, Artvin is the perfect city for your vacation plan. Pack your bags, embark on an adventure, and let Artvin enchant you with its natural wonders and cultural treasures. Your journey in Artvin will be one to remember for a lifetime.

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