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Attractions in Rize

Huser plateau

Huser Plateau is the best place you can watch the sunrise and the sunset. You can also see the clouds from the top of the mountain. You can find a swing and have beautiful memories. If you are interested in swings with a beautiful view you can read our article ‘Swings in Turkiye’.

Kackar Mountains National Park

Kackar Mountains is the highest point of the Black Sea. It is a very popular place for mountaineering because of its nature, groups are coming to the region from the Artvin to Rize. You can check tours from those provinces from here.

The Altiparmak mountain range is the eastern part of the Kaçkar Mountains. The highest peak is the Duatepe peak with 3488 m.

Palovit Waterfall: Palovit Waterfall is located in the Kackar Mountains national park. It has 15 meters high. It takes about one hour of driving, but in the beautiful forest.

You may also camp inside the park!

Zilkale (Castle of Rize)

As you all know, Turkiye has so many castles in almost every region but the castle of Rize has a different view than other castles. Although the history of the castle is not known exactly, it is known that the inner castle part was rebuilt during the Justinian period. Black Sea sides are so green because of its nature that makes wonderful view for the castle.

Pokut Plateau

It is located between the valleys formed by the Fırtına Stream and Hala Stream and at an altitude of 2032 meters. It is usually foggy but still a beautiful mountain village. If you can be fast, you can catch the foggy mountain view from the top of the mountain. For the record, do not come here with small cars, you need 4 wheel drive car!

Firtina River

Firtina River is one of the main water streams of Rize Province in the eastern Black Sea Region of Turkiye. Its name is Turkish for "stormwater". There are more than 20 well-preserved Ottoman-era bridges over the Firtina stream.

What to eat in Rize?

Travelers love to try traditional foods. You have to taste every food in every country. We have some advice that you have to try in Rize Province:

Cay (Tea)

Cay is the most important drink in Turkiye. Rize is the main place for Turkish tea. You should visit the garden of tea in Rize. Do not forget to buy tea for your loved ones!


Muhlama is a regional meal of the black sea region of Turkiye, made with corn, meal, and special cheese. Muhlama is a special meal for breakfast.

Rize Pita

Rize Pita is served uncut because the taste of the pita can change if it's cut. It has been made in the region for many years. The naturalness of the materials used, the production technique, and the skill of the masters have reached the present day.

Near Places to visit in Rize province


Rize is 1 hour away from Trabzon. You may find tours from Rize to Trabzon Province. Its nature is very similar to Rize but its beauty is worth to be seen. You can find out more about Trabzon by visiting our Trabzon page.

Activities and sports in Rize


The nature of the Black Sea region is the most beautiful place for rafting. Rize, which has rivers with high flow due to its mountainous structure, is the first stop for extreme sports lovers. Firtina River is one of the best locations in the city.

Trekking and Mountaineering

the City of Rize has so many options for trekking trails. You can find tours in the city.

Here is the list of the best trekking trails in Rize:

* Trans Kackar (24.85 miles)

*Kocduzu - Derebasi Trail - Altiparmak - Ambar Lake - Egrisu Lake - Egrisu Highland - Toptanca Highland - Didi Zuga - Kocduzu ( 15.5 miles)

* Kavrun - Büyük Deniz Lake - Meterez - Serdar Mountain pass - Mezovit - Kavrun (8.28 miles)

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